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R2 Electronics Recylcing

As an R2 Certified recycler, we can guarantee 100% recycling of your unused electronics— which means no land filling and no illegal exporting. To provide proper processing for CRTs, flat panel monitors, flat panel TV’s and projection TV’s, we must use a processor who is certified to recycle these units, which charges a fee to process these units.   We will charge you a fee to recycle these units. 

Fees are (For residential walk-ins): Old CRT PC monitors- $15.00/unit, flat panel monitors-$5.00/unit, flat panel TV’s- $15.00/unit, CRT TV’s – $30.00/unit. (new fee, effective 12/9/2019). This is to ensure that we can properly recycle this environmental blight, and you can rest easy knowing that your waste hasn’t ended up where it doesn’t belong.

Pricing for commercial clients will vary depending on type and weight of equipment.

Why e-End?

When it comes to end-of-life equipment, e-End strictly adheres to internationally recognized Responsible Recycling (R2) standards to reduce electronics waste and preserve natural resources. We also strive to exceed the EPA’s standards for solid waste recycling and adhere to a zero-landfill policy for e-waste.

If it plugs into a wall, uses batteries, or looks like it could have done either at one time, we can most likely recycle it!

e-End gives everyone the opportunity to empty their storage rooms of unused electronics and have them 100% recycled. Our annual capacity is in excess of 1 million lbs of recycled material. 

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